Privacy Policy

TorrDroid (offered by Intelligems) is a one of a kind torrent client which offers its users the option to download reliable torrents without having to browse for them. The app is free to use, with an in-app purchase available to remove ads on the app. This page describes its data collection, retention and usage practices.

What data is being collected?

The app collects anonymized analytics data of the following types –

  • Device information – Model, O.S Version
  • Approximate Location –  geography/region.
  • Usage information – interactions with the app, session duration, searches & downloads within the app.
  • Performance information – Crash reports, loading times

Other data types –

  • IP addresss
  • Android advertising id

No personally identifiable information as defined by Google is collected by the app.

How is the data used?

Analytics data is used to measure the app’s performance, diagnose potential issues and improve the features of the app. Anonymized IP address is also used by Google Analytics for Firebase to determine approximate location of the device. IP address may also be collected by the app’s advertising partners for offering advertisement services in the app. Analytics data remains under control of the publisher and is not shared with any third party unless under obligation of law. Android advertising id is shared with the app’s advertising partners to serve personalized ads.

Use of data is bound by the rules in How Google uses data when you use our partners’ sites or apps

Data Retention

The publisher reserves the right to retain all analytics data, which is anonymized and thus cannot be used to personally identify a user. This data is not considered as personal data as per the definitions of Google or GDPR.

Data limiting

Users in EU may, per rules of GDPR, opt-out of interest based advertising by going to the app’s ‘Settings->About’ page in the corner menu. Users in general can also do the same by going to the device’s ‘Settings -> Google -> Ads’ and selecting ‘Delete advertising ID’. Ads, thus shown, will not be personalized for the user.

Last Updated : 27/06/2023